Monday, February 4, 2008


Check out this exlusive footage from Pearl, Jr. and "ELBOW GREASE PRODUCTIONS reaching those who teach the masses" featuring Dr. Cornel West being interviewed by Tavis Smiley. This is a "must see and share" moment with everyone you know. Pearl, Jr. I salute you my sistah for sharing this defining moment in Black History and the world. Please get fired up and ready to go if you ain't already! GET OUT AND VOTE WITH YOUR FAMILY ON FEB 5TH, SUPER TUESDAY.

P.S. Pearl, Jr. wrote the book "Black Women Need Love Too!" which tackles why there's a REAL conspiracy to keep Black women without love.

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StCyrlyMe2 said...

It is wounderful to see that many of us have not forgot where it is we came from and the understanding that we need to have each other's back.

It is heart breaking to see black elected officials come out in record numbers against Senator Obama, especially when we came out in record numbers to send them to Congress to do exactly that for each other.

There is no way no how that we are ever going to get anywhere when we refuse to support each other in these very trying times.

I thank Dr. west so much because he has always been there in times black America has needed him because he is a true brother.