Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Billary Stop Drinking The "HATE-OBAMA-ADE"...

I don't know who is worst when comes to drinking and constantly spilling the "HATE-OBAMA-ADE". Sen. Hillary Clinton and/or her better campaigning half the 42nd President of the United States Of America "William "Bill" J. Clinton". Pres. Clinton earned alot of respect from African American people who had loyally supported him from his earliest Arkansas days whether or not he won or lost elections. We as a people greatly identified with him being tried in the court of public opinion and rendered guilty FIRST and maybe innocent later. We witnessed his daily struggle to keep his job, hold his family together, fight back with a smile on his face and kept his chin up despite Kenneth Starr spending a staggering $70 million of tax payers money to try and get him impeached during his second term. Bill had issues. You would think President Clinton and his wife Hillary would know BETTER by now..."DON'T HATE JUST CONGRATULATE". Here recently Hillary claims she's the "REAL AGENT OF CHANGE" not Barack. Furthermore, Sen. Obama is nothing like JFK or MLK in fact she's more like LBJ because like him she GET'S THINGS DONE. Somebody needs to remind Sen. Clinton that Democrats, Republicans and the American people ALL worked together to get the CIVIL RIGHTS BILL passed and made LAW. Pres. Clinton got mad when his beloved Hillary teared up recently in New Hampshire and demanded that BARACK STOP WITH THE FAIRY TALES. Bill is dumbfounded and Hillary is speechless at the plain and simple TRUTH that most Americans value "CHANGE" over "YOUR HUSBAND'S PRESIDENTIAL EXPERIENCE". REAL CHANGE IS ALWAYS FOR THE BETTER. Experience can be either GOOD, BAD or NOT YOURS. Before IOWA the Clinton's were both carelessly advised and assumed Sen. Barack Obama didn't pose a threat to "IT'S 2009 BILLARY TIME" (again) and "CAN'T TOUCH THIS..I MEAN "US" quest for the White House. It's a proven fact voters don't like it when seasoned veterans with decades of campaigning under their belts go totally "NEG" and start mudslinging. It alerts the voters to beware of the HATERS spewing HATE, LIES and VENOM. It makes me think of the old punch line..."Wanna know when Johnny's lying... WHEN HIS LIPS ARE MOVING"... Additionally, it sends a clear message that your campaign has NOW become emotionally unstable, desperate, depraved, your supporters are going AWOL and soon NO MORE DONATIONS...RIP. No one likes a loser but a SORE LOSER is still the lowest of the LOW and worst of the WORST. HEADS UP...Check out what is being said about BILLARY AND COMPANY at the "Huffington Report" by the Editor no doubt. It makes for very interesting reading and quite insightful from a seasoned insider. Lay off the "HATE-OBAMA-ADE" Billary the President Of The United States isn't a office for HATERS, LIARS, BULLIES, WANNABES, JOCKERS and/or USE-TO-BES EITHER! P.S. Did I mentioned CRY BABIES TOO! MAN UP!!

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