Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Pimpin' Ain't Easy: Bob Johnson Plays with Black People's Minds

Democrat Dennis Kucinich and Republican Albert Howard had requested and been granted a recount of the New Hampshire presidential primary. The recounts will begin on January 16th. There is a serious problem with the AccuVote optical scanning system used by 111 of New Hampshire's municipalities. The scanner is maded by Premier Election Systems (formerly Diebold). Check out this video clip to learn more about this voting machine @

When votes were hand counted for verification it was found that Sen. Obama had received 23,509 - 52.95% but the machine had Sen. Obama Optical scan of 81,495 - 47.05%. These voices in the wilderness of democracy don't want to see another FLORIDA-GATE and have a presidential election pimped away from Americans again due to faulty voting machines.

Robert L. Johnson, Billionaire and Founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET) specializes in pimping the race card when he spots an opportunity to get paid. If you'll recall not too long ago he rounded up several Black business leaders and demanded an end to the estate tax. Mr. Johnson and his hand picked group even went so far as to take out newspaper ads of their own, Johnson's group attacked the tax for taking monies away from the African American community. Check out the letter he spearheaded.


Unlike "very wealthy white Americans" who supported the tax, he declared, "We as African Americans have come to our wealth on a different path, a different road than they have."(Bill)Gates and his friends, Johnson implied, were not really promoting the common good; they were trying to keep the black man down. All of a sudden, it was not so clear who held the moral high ground. Estate tax repeal had become a civil rights issue. "Elimination of the Estate Tax," Johnson's ad proactively suggested "will help close the wealth gap in this nation between African American families and White families." But the estate tax is paid only by people who inherit large fortunes. African Americans at the time the letter was written in 2001 represented about 12 percent of the population and were less than one-half of 1 percent of estate tax payers. Furthermore, he suggested the revenues from the tax could be used to help low income Blacks who were now relying heavily on federally funded programs.

The homeboy and founder of BET gave Pres. Bush the props he had to have to perpetrate a fraud and misrepresent himself as a visionary for Black issues, cares and concerns. "As Robert Johnson of Black Entertainment Television argues, the death tax and double taxation weighs heavily on minorities," said Bush, who added that his plan would allow people to transfer wealth "from one generation to the next, regardless of a person's race."

On May 2, 2001 Pres. Bush appointed Johnson to his commission for the privatization of Social Security. Once again, our friendly under cover brother Mr. Johnson wanted us to agree as a people we must turn Social Security into a system with individual investment accounts, he argues, because the current program hurts Blacks more than other minorities. I wonder if Mr. Johnson was including ALL women who are considered minorities in America in that thought process of his too. Johnson has made billions of dollars pimping, pandering, exploiting Blacks but especially women and children. Did Uncle Bob offer the Black community the opportunity to buy BET? Didn't Uncle Bob fired our brother and friend Tavis Smiley for doing an excellent job? Robert L. Johnson has always been one of Bush's henchmen and now he's a token OJT (ON THE JOB TRAINING)spokesman for Hillary and Bill Clinton checking for another white house paying assignment. I hear he's building in Liberia. Check it out for yourselves @ http://www.forbes.com/2006/09/27/johnson-billionaire-liberia-face-cx_po_0926autofacescan01.html so he probably wants a presidential appointment from Hillary and Bill. Thank God Sen. Barack Obama isn't for sell, cares about who speaks for him (and his wife) and STILL believes no matter what THE DREAM that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. died for IS REAL FOR ALL PEOPLE. P.S. Happy Birthday Dr. King


StCurlyMe2 said...

We have got to start dealing with our brothers and sisters, like Bob Johnson who exploit black people for a buck.

We have been misused by this country for far to long and we are not going to stand for these brothers and sisters to exploit us for their own self serving needs.

We have to find another way to make a buck.

Mr Johnson is making plenty of money with his johnson publishing company and if he wants to continue, he needs to clean up his act and this is a message they all need to here and that one or two dirty deeds, can distroy them.

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