Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hillary Rodham Clinton was the first woman ever to join Wal-Mart's board. She was the First Lady of Arkansas at the time and served on the board of directors from 1986-1992. During the late 1980's and early 1990's we were encouraged to "Buy American" by Wal-Mart.

In 1996 Wal-Mart set up shop in China. It has opened 39 stores, including supercenters, "Sam's Clubs" and neighborhood markets in 15 cities around China, including Beijing, Harbin, Dalian and Shanghai. Today, more than 70 per cent of the commodities sold in Wal-Mart are made in China.

In the spring on 2000 President Bill Clinton authored a letter addressed to House members, he wrote, "China with more than a billion people is home to the largest potential market in the world… If Congress makes the right decision, our companies will be able to sell and distribute products in China made by American workers on American soil, without being forced to relocate manufacturing to China. …We will be able to export products without exporting jobs."

In September 1993 Pres. Bill Clinton had this to say right before he signed NAFTA (North America Free Trade Agreement)..."So I say this to you: Are we going to compete and win, or are we going to withdraw? Are we going to face the future with confidence that we can create tomorrow's jobs, or are we going to try against all the evidence of the last 20 years to hold on to yesterday's? Are we going to take the plain evidence of the good faith of Mexico in opening their own markets and buying more of our products and creating more of our jobs, or are we going to give in to the fears of the worst-case scenario? Are we going to pretend that we don't have the first trade agreement in history dealing seriously with labor standards, environmental standards and cleverly and clearly taking account of unforeseen consequences, or are we going to say this is the best you can do and then some?"

Something very interesting happened in November 2007 that is worth noting... Wal-Mart de México opened its first consumer bank -Banco Wal-Mart, in Toluca, Mexico near Mexico City. Additionally, had made plans to open approximately 80 more branches before Dec. 31st.

When you're watching the Democratic presidential debate tonight I want you to ask yourself a few questions...Remember Hillary has assured America SHE IS(AND NOT BILL) running for President. I can't tell nor do I believe Bill can be presidentially semi-retired in the white house ever.

1. Did the average American or the Clintons benefit the most from having a business (non-consumer) relationship with Wal-Mart for the past 22 years ?

2. How many millions (salaries, donations, campaign contributions, consulting fees, book sales, stocks, etc) have the Clintons received from their on going relationship with Wal-Mart?

3. Where is Wal-Mart's corporate headquarters located? (I've give you a hint...The state where Bill Clinton was born and home to his Presidential Library).

4. Who is the biggest private and/or non-union employer in the world?...Hint...It ain't McDonald's.


Anonymous said...

I had a privilege of working for 2 fortune 500 companies (Motorola and Honeywell) who all have international offices. Since Reagan years (and prior to that), companies have made efforts to maintain military presence in areas to seek lower jobs. Regardless of who is president (even if a neophyte named Obama), these fortune 500 companies will lobby or even kill anyone if they do not give them advantages to lower costs (exporting jobs) and increase profit. The problem with the Bush years as compared to Clinton years is that Bush removed any regulation (e.g. tariff or subsidy) to encourage companies to invest in America and give our workers preference in jobs. Health care costs have risen as well as wages. I am an accountant and in North America (especially as indicated in these companies) labor is the most costly expense. Currently, most white sales force get low margin jobs in America and do not cover the margin spread to make it profitable in North America. So, I know you Obama supporters want to paint Clintons as bad. But, this inexperienced knucklehead who has never worked for a company does not understand how it works. The author of this article must not understand either. Look at a financial statement and understand how to read it before you truly categorize someone.

Sheepfinder Extraordinaire said...

Most Americans don't make up 1-2% of the population who easily made over $70,000 or more last year and have excellent health-care coverage for every member of their family. I do believe the ONLY Fortune 500 company I mentioned was Wal-Mart. Is it your position that Wal-Mart is pro-America and/or puts its workers first? America's in a recession right now. People are losing their jobs, homes, businesses, cars, health insurance and life's savings, etc. Most Americans are having a very hard time paying for gas at the pump and gas to heat their homes (if they haven't lost them already). As a country we are too dependent on anything that's not AMERICAN MADE.

I would like to share a few links with you:

Supporting or not supporting Obama has nothing to do with misrepresenting and/or lying to the American people. The Clintons must answer to the masses who put them in power. The Commander in Chief is a SERVANT who doesn't self-serve but transparently serves for ALL people not just the elite. The President of the United States Of America takes an oath and he/she makes a promise to God that they will uphold that promise no matter what. It's about relationships with the common man not potential profit margins.

Why would any financial statement be important when it doesn't contain the truth? Were lenders telling the truth when they made loans to people who had no way of paying them back even with a job EVER? Stockholders were lied to as well. This a no-win situation. LIES and DECEIT are always unacceptable and NEVER should be tolerated. IMPEACHMENT and PRISON should always be on the menu for Presidents who want to bankrupt the American people's trust. America is not a BUSINESS we are A FAMILY and you never PIMP YOUR FAMILY EVER!

America will no longer just give her vote away freely anymore. Those days are all over. Like God she is looking for character (truth, courage, wisdom, compassion, high morals, integrity) not self-righteousness in a presidential candidate. Lastly, I'm not interested in what a person does in the light of day...I'm more interested in what a person is doing when they think no one is watching. Some people think it ain't against the law unless you get convicted. Remember God is ALWAYS WATCHING...EVEN NOW.

Thank you for your insightful post and it's been a blessing to share.