Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Mrs. Michelle Obama held a $2300 per person fundraiser today in New York where Mrs. Alma Rangel wife of Congressman Charles Rangel was in attendance. Also present were Mrs. Ted (Victoria) Kennedy, Patricia Blanchet the widow of "60 Minutes" correspondent Ed Bradley and John W. Rogers Jr., a Chicago mutual fund executive who has been one of Sen. Obama’s top fundraisers to name a few.

Charles Rangel has been a diehard pitbull on the attack more often than not for Hillary Clinton. He has been the undisputed Dean of Harlem for the last 36 years. Congressman Rangel did personally encourage Barack Obama early on to run for president reminding him that if he didn't do it now he might come to regret letting the moment pass and never to return. Charlie makes no apologies for strongly supporting the Clintons no matter what but has gone on record to indicate he has great pride, admiration and respect for Barack.

It will be interesting as to what Mr. and Mrs. Rangel will discuss at the dinner table tonight as they balance the checkbook together. I know their money was well spent today and Mrs. Obama will do the right thing with it...GIVE IT TO HER HUSBAND'S CAMPAIGN WITH A $MILE. Everything ain't always what it seems...If the Clintons were smart they wouldn't sweat Charlie about his wife's public support for OBAMA '08. Sometimes...A Sistah Has Got To Do What A Sistah's Got To Do With Or Without Her Man. Now, run and tell that!

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StCyrlyMe2 said...

I am so happy that Senator Kennedy and his family are supporting Senator Obama. It means a great deal to all of us who are rooting for him and to add the endorsement of the great Gov. Kathleen Sebelius to the mix is more then many of us, who really understand that Senator Obama is the real change this country is starving for,could hope for..

I really think that in time most all American people will see that these endorsements are just a few of the many very important endorsements he has gotten and will get from some of our more respectable leaders, who understand how important it is to put the very best person we can find to unite this country in office.

They understand that this simply is not about who they like on a personal level, but who is best for this country as a whole and they are speaking out all over this country.

We just can’t continue on with the status que, of people whom have brought so much pain and scandal to the office of the Presidency and this country, some by their fault but also some of it not, but never the less they are clear distractions from all of the hard work we have waiting for us, after we finely get rid of this administration.

I believe that American people have suffered enough and it is time that our elected officials put the people and the country first. That is the reason we sent them to office in the first place, to work, only with the best interest of this country at heart and we expect nothing less.

We are witnessing, record numbers of people of all walks of life, all over this country, coming out to have their voices heard and I truly believe that Senator Obama has played a huge roll in that enthusiasm. We cannot afford to discount this important revelation.

We don’t have time to continue fighting off one scandal after another, for whatever reasons the right wing will dig up, so we send someone with a clean slate, to the office to avoid this kind of mess.

Thank you Senator Kennedy, Caroline and family, along with Gov. Sebelius, Senator Kerry, and all of the officials who are working to do the right thing, and for their well though out decisions to do what is best for this country in our time of need..