Monday, June 9, 2008

Black Blogger Coalition Protesting the Return of Dog the Bounty Hunter

Do you remember Dog The Bounty Hunter of A&E’s popular television show, and his extremely racist and derogatory rant caught on tape last fall ( here’s the short version of the recording if you don’t recall: )
We’ll A&E quickly pulled his show for damage control, and as I predicted at the time (; it was simply a ploy to let the dust settle, pretend like they did something, and then bring him back.Well, that’s what they’re doing this summer, despite that Dog never owned up to what he actually said, but instead went on t.v. and lied about it despite us having the tape (as detailed here:, and hence has made no real amends for what he won’t even acknowledge he did: that he and his crew of convicted criminals regularly used the word “nigger” with derogatory intent. He has not admitted that when his son began to date a Black woman, Dog verbally savaged her simply for being Black and for no other reason.

We in the Afrosphere Action Coalition do not believe that Black folks should stand for this type of derogatory behavior, and that they and others of like conscious certainly shouldn’t have our money support companies who support this demeaning behavior towards Blacks in the popular culture.Therefore, we’re inviting you to participate in a concerted campaign to derail Dogs ability to profiteer off our consumer dollar while harboring such vile feelings and intent towards us. Further, we want to continue to establish dignity for Blacks as paramount in the market place.This is not a one shot action. It will be a sustained action that continues what Bloggers previously accomplished in successfully challenging BET on it’s Hot Ghetto Mess (; and we will be active in challenging media and corporate America on its respect of all citizens going forward.
Here’s the plan for this immediate specific action. Will You Join? Comment and let us know.

Current Plan:

A letter to A&E and its advertisers will go out this week.

B. This will be followed next Wednesday with a the Day of Blogging for Racial Justice In Media to incite our readers to support the position of the letter, and to ask our readers to take action to contact the A&E and it’s advertisers.
You need not be a blogger to participate, you can also do this through email to your in box.
Also, there will be a press release to the media that goes out the night before.

C. Depending on response from A&E and it’s advertisers, a next action will be announced.
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