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Does The Church/Christianity Keep Blacks Weak?

Does The Church/Christianity Keep Blacks Weak?
Does Church/Christianity Keep Blacks Weak?
By E. Lee Sullivan

If someone is kicking your ass up and down the street everyday and you choose to accept “their” philosophy and religion which is not originally your own, that is to turn the other cheek and love them, then you will always be their slaves.Like the Bible where certain books were intentionally left out like, The Book of Mary, The Book of Peter, etc., perhaps they intentionally omitted certain passages of the Willie Lynch Papers, such as, give them the religion of Christianity, make sure they accept it and live by it, even though you won’t. The homosexual King James originated his version to control the minds of the people and as we all know, where the mind leads the ass will follow.

There was a story about Rev. Dollar, the preacher of a mega church here in Atlanta on the front page of a major newspaper, Tavis Smiley said he was to speak at his church one Sunday, when they begin to take up the collection, saying to the congregation, “give more than you gave last week and you’ll be blessed more” he left, without speaking.T. D. Jakes influenced his members to vote Republican. Some for decades have seen the church as an instrument to keep Black folks on their knees. I’m sure that there is good in the church, but this article is to focus on how it keeps us weak, defenseless, ignorant, unchanging and selfish.

Our original faith and lifestyle is Neterian and Yogic, practicing the 42 principles of MAAT, but like they say in The Nation of Islam, you got hit in the head. Farrakhan says that a chastisement is coming, because we are fearful, envious of each other and refuse to unite.Watching the episode of Boondocks that Aaron McGruder wrote about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., having been in a coma for 30 years, awakening, saying, turn the other cheek in regards to 911 (by the way view www.let’sroll911.org and www.thepowerhour.com for some truth), he was condemned and called a traitor by the mass media. At the end he referred to us as the ‘n’ word, looking at how we are today, asked, “Is this what I took all those ass whippings for?”I thought no one felt that way but me. We continue to party, discriminate against one another and act as if someone is suppose to give us something for nothing, i.e aggressive pan-handling.

We continue our immoral behavior, producing babies for the incarceration system and U.S. military forces and we continue to go to church each Sunday, as Malcolm said, “The most segregated morning in America,” meaning the segregation of each other, (maybe the continual loss of jobs and the gas company telling us to “bend over” will help unite us).

As truth keeps revealing itself because of the age of Aquarius, The Bible Code, The DaVinci Code and the like, we will need to choose truth over tradition, research over believing what we are told, selflessness over self centeredness, our origins over American “his-story” our natural spiritual selves over tampered with Christianity and the modern day church.E. Lee Sullivan is a web columnist for www.afromerica.com a self-published author of two comedies All Men Are Down On Getting Sexed and Damn! Why Did I Get Saved?

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