Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Your Black World: Malcolm X & Martin Luther King Stress Black Pride

If the corporate media had it's way, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King would be depicted as two tangents, far away from each other as the devil is from God. Fortunately, reality speaks louder than spin, and with the resources available today, it is clear to detect the glaring similarities between two of our greatest heroes: Malcolm & Martin. Not only were they ferocious warriors for human rights, they also both fiercely advocated the obliteration of self-hate in Black people, and the restoration of self-love, unity and community. Watch, in the following clips, how determined these great prophets were, in stressing pride in Blackness.

First up, Martin speaks on the residue of eurocentricity in the psyche of Black folks:

Second up, Malcolm regrets the wretchedness of self-hatred in Black Communities:

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